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Norge Import

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 How to import the new word database!

"IMPORTANT"; Remember where you saved the file that you downloaded

              Open Tolken;

1st step: Click on the select language Icon highlight the "Norwegian to English", click OK

2nd step: Click on the word Icon, then click on the "import" Icon

3rd step: Check that the "English to Norwegian" is highlighted. click on the "select files" Icon

4th step:  Locate the file that you downloaded. Highlight "ORD1019.dbt".  click "Start".          (at this time the program is comparing the new file to yours and picking out the words that are not in your file). When its done there will be a bunch of words at the bottom of the window. You may scroll down through it to proof read it if you want to.

5th step; Click on the :Select all" Icon (that highlights everything).

6th step: Click on the "Export" Icon It will do some things and come  back to the same window, Click "Close". and you are done.
 Now, for the Phrases:
Do the same thing as for the words only use the fras1019.dbt file instead.

              Wholla, you've got it.
              happy translating.
              Med Hilsen frċ Ron

              See, now wasn’t that easy?

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