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 Here is the Tolken99 Program. Remember where you save this file to. Go to its location and double click on its icon. It will self install.

At the present time I know of no place to purchase Tolken. Until I can find a place you can continue to use Tolken in the Trial mode. If you have already purchased Tolken99 You only need you Registration number. Please keep it in a safe place.


There are many other translating programs out there: they generally cost far more and none of them carry the old and outdated Norwegian words we need for genealogy research. Between the different forms of Norwegian (Nynorsk, Bokmal.); the evolution of the meaning of words over time; the changes in spelling over the centuries and the differing dialects from community to community; stir well and then throw in some archaic Danish (and not the eating kind) and even a little Swedish and you will come up with the recipe for what's needed.

We are sharing our files with each other to help everyone facilitate their translating needs. It is my hope that in so doing we will eventually have a database that is capable of handling 80 to 90% of our translating needs without having to resort to constantly looking it up in the dictionary or having to keep begging for help with translating needs. This serves the dual purpose of making life easier for everyone, as well as creating a database of these words before the meanings become hopelessly lost over time.

 The translating program we are talking about is called Tolken 99 which can be downloaded from here.

(Unfortunately, there isn’t one for you MAC users.)

Tolken 99 comes with a starter dictionary for Swedish. Other languages must be downloaded separately (English, Norwegian, French, German and Danish) You are able to translate between many combinations of the above; plus add languages of your own. You can add or correct the
entries easily; and the program also allows phrases and whole sentences. You can import to it also; provided the file is in a manner Tolken can read. You can add to it to your heart's content. It functions as a shell, and you can pop it up while using other programs. It is not
perfect but no computer program ever is, but is very well made and very
very useful. It is also not difficult to learn.        


This site was last updated on March 26, 2008

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